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Rotorua island talk!

On Tuesday Robin and Janene (the Rotorua island educators) came to talk to the year 5 students about Rotorua island.

First they did a play, then they got us to check the bags that they got because there are no pests allowed on the island to protect the endangered birds, and then we did some rotations.

After morning tea they did another play,  then we played guess who with bird cards, then we put all the birds, fish and insects in colour order, and then after that we planted some harakeke.

After lunch Robin and Janene did the last play and then we watched videos until the bell rang.

Now the bell has rang and everyone is going home. I really enjoyed the day and learnt some new stuff. And now we have plants that are slowly going to grow soon in our classroom!

Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies

The week had the chance to create a piece of artwork first created by Claude Monet. This artwork was called Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies. First we made a bridge using masking tape to have an outline. Then we used sponges to add paint to the artwork. We started with blue then put green over the top then finished with white. Once they were a little bit dry we removed the masking tape to reveal the bridge. Check out the picture of me and my artwork below, I hope you like it.


letter to King charles the lll



Your Name Falen

dress 130 pt england rd


Their name king charles lll

Address London SW1A1AA united kingdom


Date tuesday 20th of september


Dear King Charles, I hope you have a great time being the king and I am very excited for the future.I am very sorry for your loss. I wish you good luck and I wish the best for you and your family. Queen Elizabeth was very bright.I wish you the best of luck.


Yours sincerely,