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Subtraction – T1 W7

This is my maths task for this week, we are learning how to subtract using different strategies. Everyone in room 4 is learning basic maths so Mrs Langitupu can see where we are at for maths, it also helps us when learning basic maths because they are what we use in other maths problems. So using different strategies will help us with future work

Addition – w6 T1

This is my maths task for this week, we have to do addition just to see who understands how to use algorithm. if you don’t understand that well there is a video at the end to explain everything for whoever needs an example. Leave a positive comment and feedback

Math whizz

This week I got my maths whizz progression! every week our class goes on a site called maths whizz, we have to finish maths problems in order to get progressions for the week. As you can see at the top that I’m also wearing a crown, in order to get the crown we can do these activities to get gems and when you get 3 gems you enter the hall of Fame and get a crown

My role model

This is my “cyber smart” work for this week, it is about My role model. For this task I chose my brother and in the text it explains why, I put a picture of him as well, so you can see who I’m talking about.

Smart goals – reading

These are my smart goals for this year, they are reading goals that I have set for myself

I want to have 4 or more books to read for enjoyment by the end of the term

I want to read everyday for 10 or more minutes by the end of the term

I want to use my public library card by the end of the term


One friday morning – book trailer


What would you do if you had won an award? Only for it to change because of your skin colour… would you be sad, Angry, or maybe accept it?.


 Well this is the story of Nancy lee and what she did. She was a dark coloured girl in an american school during the 1940’s, she had high grades and was very nice but some people didn’t see it. This is The book One Friday morning by langston hughes

A time you were surprised


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Have you ever been shocked 3 times in 1 day? Well I have and here’s my story about it. A few years ago, I just came back from school and I was getting ready to go out for my birthday. When we were going out we stopped at a random house, I didn’t know where we were but then I saw my friend outside of that house, I didn’t know that she was going to come with us so I was so shocked but so happy at the same time. On the ride to wherever we were going (I didn’t know where we were going my dad planned it all) we were talking the whole way, but then we stopped again but we didn’t even notice since we were STILL talking, and then I heard someone… It was my cousin! I got out of my car and hugged him since I haven’t seen him in Years, A few minutes later when we were on the way back the car had stopped and when I looked up we were at Rainbows end! I have never been so happy in my life, i got to be with my friend on that day, see my cousin that I haven’t seen in YEARS, and go to Rainbows end!