A time you were surprised


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Have you ever been shocked 3 times in 1 day? Well I have and here’s my story about it. A few years ago, I just came back from school and I was getting ready to go out for my birthday. When we were going out we stopped at a random house, I didn’t know where we were but then I saw my friend outside of that house, I didn’t know that she was going to come with us so I was so shocked but so happy at the same time. On the ride to wherever we were going (I didn’t know where we were going my dad planned it all) we were talking the whole way, but then we stopped again but we didn’t even notice since we were STILL talking, and then I heard someone… It was my cousin! I got out of my car and hugged him since I haven’t seen him in Years, A few minutes later when we were on the way back the car had stopped and when I looked up we were at Rainbows end! I have never been so happy in my life, i got to be with my friend on that day, see my cousin that I haven’t seen in YEARS, and go to Rainbows end!


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