first day of term 4 – recount

This morning, (October 9th) since it was the first day of school of the term we had an assembly to show what we were going to be learning. Most classes made a movie and others did a play.

First team 1 went and they had a movie. It showed a dog names “max”, he was a bad behaved dog and he always annoyed the neighbours and his owner (miss Shirley) found a poster talking about how they would find solutions to bad behaved animals, she then rang the number that was on the poster and told them about  her problem, after a while the team were trying to figure out what to do to show how to solve the problem, after working together as a team and giving each other ideas they finally found a solution. when they rand miss Shirley again she was so excited to hear what they came up with (a mini gate), in their movie they showed what to do when they come across a problem and how to work as a team

Team 2 made a movie on how to improve things and thinking of ways to improve it. the teachers were sitting outside of their classroom talking about what they would do if they were superheroes, they all had different ideas on what they would do if they could change the school, then

Team 3 had a play about if they were cave men so they could learn what to do if you don’t know how to do something, the play was to understand to find out how to do something and learning new things

Team 4 had a movie to show what to do if it doesn’t seem right and how to be kind to others and work together as a team. they had clips of students doing things that were not meant to be done and clips of students not including anyone. so they found the solution to work together and listen to what each other has to say about it/something

Team 5  made a song from “bob the builder”  but a Ptengland school version and it had all the problems of the teachers in team 5 and Mr Wiseman taught us all the words while he played the guitar

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