Day: September 14, 2023

year 5 & 6 extension – movie roles

For this terms year 5 & 6 extension we have been making our film festival movie ourself, and we all had jobs to do. the jobs was animators, videographers, actors, editors and sound crew. I was an animator, which meant i drew a bit in the movie and and animated it, I drew a volcano erupting with different colours to show the two different words that the volcano was a part of. after I finished my volcano (it too a long time) I helped edit the parts where Aliana was on her bike and i also helped out with cutting the voice overs and dragging them to the right place, I also helped with slowing down some clips, making them faster and I also changed the colour in some scenes. I really enjoyed helping out and I think I did a good job with helping everyone

check list – extension film festival project

This terms extension project was our film festival movie, for this task we had a spread sheet that had a check list on it that let others knew that the job that you were doing is done. It also had our jobs that we done and the links of our finished work or some slides that could give us some ideas. we also used it so if someone was away and you see that the work that they were doing isn’t finished then we could help them out and finish it for them or help a bit while there away, The check-list was really helpful because if we didn’t have it we would’t have known what was done and might have gotten confused on what we do because the check list also had some things to make sure we do if thats our job