Month: November 2023

Drone term 4 – extension

This term extension has been focusing on drones, we had to make a 3D model on “tinkercad” and make it into a simulation from scratch. This is my project from scratch and I have been working on it for a few weeks even though it does not look like much it took me a lot of time to make, i hope u enjoy watching this (very high quality)

Term 4 design – outdoor area

This is my scratch project for this term. Team 4 have been thinking of different ways to improve our team 4 outdoor area and what we think we need for students from team 4 to be satisfied with our area. We created different prototypes on “Tinkercad” to show what it looks like in 3D, we then drew it on scratch to show it on 2D and explaining how it works

Drones and how they help – extension

In extension we have been thinking of “what different ways can we use drones?”,  Everyone in extension made slides talking about what we thought they could do. The first page had a problem and the next page had a idea on how they could help with that problem. These are my slides that explains what drones can do and something else I want drones to do, I picked for the drone to stop people from stealing from shops! we all had to make a drone on “Tinkercad” and we added what would be needed for our drones to work, and once those were finished we had to go on “Scratch” to show what it looks like in use!