Year: 2022

My time in the water recount.

One day when my family and I went up north for the christmas holiday we went to the sand dunes!

First we got ready, we packed towels and then we got dressed into tog’s.

Then when we were ready we drove to the beach, then we got on the boat that took us to the sand dunes. When we got there my step brother Isiah lost my step sister Sophie’s hat! So Isiah told her that he will get her a new one because when they stepped out they couldn’t find it. Then when all the people were out of the boat the boat driver that took us there gave us boogie boards to use to slide down the sand dunes. There was a small sand dune, a medium one and a really TALL and BIG one. First we got sunblock on and we put our towels down on the sand (It was all sand so we had no choice) after that sophie and I went to the small one I was too scared to go on the medium and big one, then on my second go on the small one sophie went to the medium one so then I thought that maybe I could try it then when I tried it it was SUPER fun I liked it, me and sophie were just going on the medium one while my dad, my step mum and my step brother was on the REALLY BIG and TALL one after a while me sophie and Isiah went into the water without out boogie boards, then after some time we got out and had a break while me and sophie were sitting down my dad and step mum said we were gonna go soon so then sophie went on the REALLY BIG and TALL one so I tried it out and and it was SUPER FUN.

after a while it was time to go but I REALLY enjoyed that day.