Here is some ways to show bravery and courage



ANZAC Day celebrates the bravery and courage of the Australian and New Zealand Soldiers as they battled in tough conditions, against an enemy with all of the advantages. They fought hard for each other, and for their countries. It is hard for us to imagine what was going through their minds in this situation, but we know for sure that the courage and bravery they showed are traits that we should aspire to have.


Your task is to respond to this question in full PEEL Paragraph form;

How can BRAVERY & COURAGE  help us to achieve our own goals in life?

Give at least 3 examples of how courage can help us, and explain why.


Begin your writing here: being brave and having courage helps by showing we’re not scared and it shows that we are confident in your goals that you have.

Also being brave also means helping others.

Paragraph One: Showing you’re not scared

Paragraph Two: Being confident in your goals (not being scared of having big goals)

Paragraph Three: Helping others.


Maori Battalion

Maori Battalion 

(Te Hokowhitu-a-tu)


Response to Text. Highlight or answer each question to the best of your ability, including important information and detail to your answers.


Level One – Skim and Scan


  1. What did New Zealanders start to call themselves during the First World War?




  1. How did the government encourage Māori to join the war?


They encouraged them to “do their bit”


  1. What was the war cry used to encourage Māori to fight?


“E te iwi, whìtiki! Whiti! Whiti e!”


Level Two: Vocabulary


Word Definition Your own sentence
Rural characteristic of the countryside rather than the town. They had to fight somewhere rural
Contingent a group of people sharing a common feature, forming part of a larger group. She was put in a contingent for a project
Conscripted enlist (someone) into the armed services. He was conscripted


Level Three: Inference (Responses require AT LEAST one full sentence)


  1. Why did some Māori feel unwilling to fight in the war?


Because they didn’t like the idea of fighting with people who stole their stuff.


  1. What did the British high command feel uncomfortable about, and why did they initially keep the Māori soldiers busy with digging trenches?


They thought it was weird for Maori to fight alongside Europians


  1. What does the chaplain’s prayer tell us about who the Māori soldiers were responsible for?


For the mana the honour and the good name of Maori people


  1. How did the First World War change the relationship between Māori and Pākehā?


After the war they didn’t have much racism (im saying much because their might have been still some racist people)


  1. How did World War One change, and shape New Zealand’s national identity?


Because they were proud of what their small nation has done and they were proud of their brave soldiers



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