Here is some ways to show bravery and courage



ANZAC Day celebrates the bravery and courage of the Australian and New Zealand Soldiers as they battled in tough conditions, against an enemy with all of the advantages. They fought hard for each other, and for their countries. It is hard for us to imagine what was going through their minds in this situation, but we know for sure that the courage and bravery they showed are traits that we should aspire to have.


Your task is to respond to this question in full PEEL Paragraph form;

How can BRAVERY & COURAGE  help us to achieve our own goals in life?

Give at least 3 examples of how courage can help us, and explain why.


Begin your writing here: being brave and having courage helps by showing we’re not scared and it shows that we are confident in your goals that you have.

Also being brave also means helping others.

Paragraph One: Showing you’re not scared

Paragraph Two: Being confident in your goals (not being scared of having big goals)

Paragraph Three: Helping others.


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